White-washed buildings


You wouldn’t believe that a place as small as this could have a history as big as Staithes'. Captain James Cook started his working life here, initially as a shopkeeper’s apprentice. However, his interest soon wandered to the lure of the mighty sea; today, the proud locals still boast that it was their hometown that introduced Cook to the waters. If you take a stroll through the village, you can still see ‘Cook’s Cottage’ the place the Captain called home many years ago. Staithes is also known as ‘Dinosaur Coast’ as the geology in the area is mostly of the Jurassic period, thus attracting both amateur and professional geologists from afar. Furthermore, Staithes is a well known mineral mining location for jet, iron, alum and potash. The village offers an attractive base for tourists wishing to explore both locally and further afield in the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire. In the village, there are a couple of restaurants and cafes to sample, as well as the odd local shops for self catering supplies. Staithes lies just off the A174 between Redcar and Whitby.