St. Andrews Church


St. Andrews is the beautiful church where Samuel Wesley, John Wesley’s father was rector after the family moved to Epworth in 1695 and where he is buried. The Rectory in which John grew up is now a museum housing Wesley memorabilia. The Wesley Memorial Methodist Church was built in 1889 and there is a beautifully stained glass window featuring the two brothers looking in the direction of the Old Rectory where they were born. As a town, Epworth is centred on the market place where there are many businesses and shops, including gift, cookery, glass and tableware and clothes shops, a bank, estate agents, cafes and some pubs,  There is a local swimming pool and a sports/leisure centre and two 18 hole golf courses are in nearby Scunthorpe. There is an excellent bed and breakfast establishment near the centre and the town is located just off the M180 on the A161 and is only13 miles from Scunthorpe. Epworth is also near Robin Hood Airport.

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